What oh what will it be?

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. Time to order new machines. 🙂

We currently have 6 machines up on the mountain. 3 Dumpers that haul 60 tonns each, 2 Komatsu HD605 and a CAT775G. A (too small) wheelloader, Komatsu WA500. 2 Excavators for loading, Komatsu PC1250 and CAT390D. 

Our manager already found out that the WA500 is too small for our needs, so this machine will be upgraded to a WA600. I hope he changes his mind and goes for the CAT988, but that’s just me. 😉 The last time, the CAT390D replaced the Komatsu PC800, because the PC800 was just too small for our needs. In my opinion, the 390 is also to small for our needs. It’s a good machine, fast and powerfull, but it is just a few meters too short to keep up with the PC1250. That’s why Caterpillar came up with the all new CAT6015B. 🙂

The dumpers. I’m very clear about those. The Komatsu’s have a good suspension and small swing radius wich makes it comfortable for the driver. This also means that the tires wear out faster because of the short swings and extra tension and wearing on the struts because people drive faster through holes and over bumps in the road. The other down sides of the Komatsu’s in comparison to the CAT’s are: Lesser torque and that makes the driver hit the gas longer and results in higher fuel usage. The Komatsu loads about 5 tonns less than the CAT. The Komatsu’s perform poor doing uphill. Little leg space in the cabin. And a few other small things. The only downside on the CAT is, in my opinion, the hard suspension.

What excavators it will be next time, in my opinion the dumpers have to be upgraded to 90 tonns. I.e. CAT777 or Komatsu HD785. It will take the excavator a bit longer to load, but the distance that the dumpers have to drive, makes up with it. Makes me think that the WA600 or CAT988 will be too small again to load these dumpers. 🙁 Well, we’ll see what the ferry brings in next time. 🙂

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