(You): What does “zandpiloot” mean?

(Me): The word zandpiloot are two Dutch words combined to one. The forst part is zand, and means sand. The second part is piloot and means pilot. So zandpiloot actually stands for sandpilot.

(You): WTF?

(Me): Zandpiloot.nl was established in the year 2000 but it’s history goes way beyond that, back to the year 1970. In that year, the one and only, zandpiloot was born. He didn’t know he became zandpiloot, untill the year 1999! Confused? Good! :p From the year 1993 till 1999 he was just a normal truckdriver. But in the year 1999 he decided that he didn’t want to work 18 hours a day anymore and switched from an 18-wheeler to a 6×6 dumptruck. That, he liked. 😀 His working hours were only from 6am to 4pm so he was home, having dinner with his wife.

(You): So why am I reading this?

(Me): I don’t know, but maybe you want to know why…….. zandpiloot?

(You): YES! Tell me all about it.

(Me): Well, there’s really not much about it, but I’ll tell you anyway. With my 6×6 dumptruck, I had to deliver many loads of sand. I often had to deliver those loads driving through muddy or sandy terrain, using the 6×6 function on my truck. Driving in such conditions required skill. And skill did I have. In fact I was often driving on the same project along with the bigger trucks that had 8×8 or 10×8. But because my truck was smaller, I could go much faster than the bigger trucks. So my co-workers on the bigger trucks started to call me zandpiloot (sandpilot) because of my loads (sand) and my speed (pilot).

(You): OMG! This was very usefull and interresting. #tyvm

(Me): Yeah, sure. You’re welcome and go fuck yourself! 😉

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