Plans for this website

A New start.

The last few years I didn’t really do so much with this site. I was busy having a life with my family and simply didn’t have time for maintaining this site. Now that the kids are a bit older, I have a bit of time to pick up some old hobbies of me, gardening and brewing.

So, basically this website will be the place where I will post my experiences with organic gardening, beer brewing, cider making and maybe I’ll give winemaking a shot. We live in Nordic countryside so I bet there will be some posts about Nordic country life too, like forestry, logging, production of firewood, fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities.

I know there are a lot of good videos out there on YouTube, but sometimes they aren’t complete enough. Well, in my opinion that is. So maybe I’ll make some videos too and post them on this website and on my YouTube channel. So … stay tuned! 😉

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